Ambrosia Maple Set

Osage - Glass over Slate

Osage / Walnut / Purpleheart / Maple - Slate over Glass

Flamed Osage - Slate over Glass

Osage & Purplheart - Slate over Glass

Osage / Purpleheart / Walnut - Glass over Slate

Flamed Osage - Slate over Glass

Free Shipping on All Calls!

Pot Calls
All call / striker combos are $45.00 ea. Shipped
Regardless of the playing surface or the type of wood that the pot is turned from.

Extra 2 Piece Strikers
Additional 2 Piece Strikers are available for $10.00 ea.

I can do the following playing surfaces at this time.

Glass - Beaded Glass - Smoked Glass - Slate - Copper add $5.00 - Aluminum - Black Aluminum - Green Aluminum - Ceramic add $5.00

I can do the following sound boards at this time.
Glass - Slate - Wood - Glass with Custom Logo.

**Very Limted** - Hybrid Black Oak Burl

Flamed Osage Set

Walnut - Slate over Glass