Osage Orange - with Flex Tube

Maple - with Flex Tube

Ember Glow - All Wood Grunter

Osage Orange / Walnut - with Flex Tube

Sycamore - Deer Shed Antler (you supply the shed)

Cedar - with Flex Tube

Cedar - with Flex Tube

Cedar- with Flex Tube

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Grunt Calls
All Grunts calls are $45.00 ea. Shipped
Regardless if is a All Wood Grunter or with a Flex Tube.

All of my grunt calls come with adjustable tone board, with a tone range from a fawn, to a doe, to young buck, to a mature buck just by sliding the O ring to the desired ridge on the tone board. For additional tone or volume control simply compress or extend the ribbed tube.‚Äč